Sale on consignment

You don't want to negotiate with a large number of potential buyers, have long discussions and having to answer all questions by mail? You want to make use of our extensive network and web site to sell your car?

We can sell your car on consignment in your place.

The vehicle for sale will be transported to our show room, where we investigate the car in detail and make a correct description. Based on this description, a minimum sale price and a sales commission will be fixed. If necessary and with the agreement, our oldtimer specialists can transform your car for a perfect sale. 

Then we do a comprehensive report and a plug of your vehicle and we place it on our web site. We will send this also to potentially interested buyers of our network.

Meanwhile, we also take care that the car is in good condition and attract interested visitors for a professional explanation and a presentation of the car.

No long presentations, only detailed and customized presentations reflecting the attention and the character of your car!