About us

John Calemeyn

Chief executive officer

John can look back on 15 years of career in the automotive industry and went through all the ranks of the business. As an automotive entrepreneur, he is now active in various sectors of the industry, from passenger cars to trucks, and he also committed within the federation. Now he uses his extensive network and broad expertise in the niche sector of the old-timers.




Thijs Verhage

Chief executive officer

Thijs has a lifelong passion for old-timers: first by the motorcycles in the workshop of his grandfather, soon there were also old-timer cars on his mind. After 10 years of selling a premium brand, it was time to change his passion for cars into his profession. Thijs is also committed within the Federation.




Dries Puype

Master Technician

Dries already has 14 years’ experience as a technician. When he's not driving or working on his Triumph Spitfire, he uses his Buell motorcycle or mountain bike. Specialized in: carburetion, ignition, Italian and German cars.



Nick Vandaele


Nick has already 28 years of experience with cars. He loves to restore vintage cars. But beside that he is also active in rallying, this as a pilot and technician. Specialized in: restorations, carburetion and ignition, Japanese cars.



Thomas Heylen


Thomas has 10 years’ experience as a technician and got his first car when he was just 8 years old. Since then, he’s fully occupied by fixing old-timers as Defenders and other British and German classics. Specialized in: English cars, Defenders (off-road in general) and Porsche.



Ioan Balan


Ioan has been a enthousiastic about oldtimers since years. He's a real carrossier with a great feeling for bodywork. Specialized in: ancient bodywork in metal and English cars.


Marcio Moutinho Defieuw


Marcio is a true lover of Porsches and BMW's. In his spare time, he also likes to participate in old-timer rides. Specialties: finetuning of engines.


Pieter Van Nevel


Pieter is the youngest of the groupe. He takes care of the follow-up from the workplace. Since his internship he's really into oldtimers. Specialized in: follow-up warehouse, order of spareparts.